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Mauser Electric
The quality of service will shock you!

 Mauser electric provides the highest quality craftsmanship money can buy. Unlike other contractors  we do not over charge for quality. You will get a master electrician who takes pride in their work at a  fair price. We can take on small service repairs, panel replacement, custom lighting design and install,  as well as complete wiring of new custom  homes. We  have been working in the electrical industry for  over 20 years and still love it! Mauser Electric is definitely a family run buisness and we take great  pride in providing excellent service. Our main objective is to never lose a customer, we consider all of  our customers part of the Mauser Electric family.

  1. whole home surge protection
    Please ask your technician for additional information
  2. ALWAYS use a licensed electrical contractor
    Call Mauser Electric to insure your electrical project is done to meet all safety standards!
  3. led bulbs save money and better for the planet!
    Speak to a Mauser Electric tech on ways to convert your whole to led bulbs
  4. Certain panels are dangerous!
    Federal Pacific & zinsco are just a few of the BAD panels. Ask Mauser Electric how to make sure your home is safe.